New Path Films is part of the Organic Publishing family. Our documentaries tell a story about the enviroment and what we can do to make it better.
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W.A.STOFER is a activist/poet/writer/cartoonist/publisher
and  [Creativist] his website is
W.A.STOFER is the founder of an
 environmental coalition based in
Wichita Kansas
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New Path Films will be doing the live streaming for D3Voice digital
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Arkansas River Initiative

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This is my latest film project currently being shot in the city of Wichita Kansas. The documentary will show the pollution of the Arkansas River created by their runoff systems, and why the city refuses to remedy the problem. Filmed on location with an IPhone and no budget.
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Green Technology Consultant and lecturer

My main goal is not to just expose scams but to offer real solutions to a  better more sustainable existence
I am available to speak at gatherings of any size.


I call myself a Creativist, one who uses art in all its forms as a type of activism. I write poetry about the world we live in as seen through the eyes of a being thet knows quite well the lies and falsehoods that surround our every day existence. I have always been the type of person that is constantly researching then presenting my findings to the world, kind of a watchdog and advisor all rolled into one.
I create comics about organic living and write songs to inspire resisitence against the matrix propaganda machine